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Virtual Tours

From as little as £49 per 360 degree image.

A Virtual Tour consists of anywhere from 1 to 30 or more images aranged together to give a "Virtual Tour" of your premesis, venue, grounds, or scenery. They involve a visit to your premises with our special 180 degree fisheye virtual tour lens and camera equipment for a photo shoot. The virtual tour photo shoot will take from 15 mins to an hour per panoramic image and can be arranged to suit your requirements.

After the virtual tour photo shoot the images are taken away for post processing using a suite of software where we manipulate, stitch and blend the virtual tour images together and then produce the interactive virtual tour widget in Shockwave Flash or Quick Time formats ready for your website. A CD is provided containing all original photos, artwork and example web content. If you dont have a website or need help updateing your old pages dont worry we can help there too as we offer a full web design service.

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If you dont have alot of room on your web pages your Virtual Tour can popup in a window from any sized icon or link as in the example below. And dont forget all our Virtual Tours are first class - not to be confused with cheaper (and sometimes more expensive) but inferior alternatives. All our tours are expandable to full screen at the click of the mouse so your web visitors can really get that immersive experience.

We also provide static projections of the 360 degree virtual tour images on your CD which are works of art in their own right. Below is the "equirectangular" projection of the above interactive 360 degree panorama. Our stereographic little planet projections are also visually amazing and make great prints onto canvas.