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Run to the Sun – Show and Shine – 2011

We visited the show and shine today in Newquay. The weather was unfortunately not great but the turnout was huge.

Some nice VW Beatles, Campers, Golfs and other cars.

I liked this Supercharged Dodge - the sound it made literally shook the ground around it.

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SLR Camera Simulator – Photography Basics

I stumbled on this Camera Simulator the other day on the CameraSim website. It's a great little tool that will teach you the effect that distance, focal length, light conditions, apature, shutter speed and sensitivity will have on your photos.

Have a play and see what you think - you have to just know all this stuff off by heart before you start adding the complications of 360 degree Virtual Tour Photography into the mix as well.


Look around the Mambo store in Newquay with new Virtual Tour

Newquay's premier surf-wear shop Mambo has just added a new Virtual Tour to their website.

This virtual tour really demonstrates how much better these panoramic images are at showing your website visitors what your premises really has to offer. You can look in any direction and leave no stone un-turned.

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Virtual Tour of the Human Body with "Google Body"

Head on over to Google Body and go exploring inside the Human Body.

This amazing Virtual Tour is great as you peel back the layers of skin, flesh and bone to reveal ever deeper systems within the body.

You can luckily for me turn on a labelling system within the Virtual Tour so you can see what each part is called and you can easily lose an hour exploring the 2 models (one male and one female)


Why not look at getting a Virtual Tour for your website... although it should be noted we don't do inside the body 🙂


Pippa Rocks on Lord Mayors Day in Plymouth

I took this shot as Pippa Rocks was warming up in Plymouth city centre on Lord Mayors Day.

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Devon Army Cadet Force out recruiting in Plymouth

We saw the Devon ACF recruiting in Plymouth today and they gladly posed for a group panoramic photo. Thanks guys (and girls)...

Click on the images below to see the larger photos.

And here is the group photo as a virtual tour.

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Wembley Stadium Largest 360 Sports Panorama by Jeffrey Martin

Check out http://wembley360.wembleystadium.com/ as it now features a very impressive 360 degree panorama from the sidelines of the football pitch in enough detail to zoom in and pick out every spectators face close up.

The photo is of the FA Cup Final between Manchester City and Stoke City on 14 May so if you were there - head on over to Wembley Stadiums website to check it out.

Very cleverly they've integrated it with facebook so you can go and tag yourself or your friends in the photo.

We love it and congratulations to Jeff Martin from 360cities for getting the shot. This is great exposure for the panoramic photography world.


Amazing Sky Survey 360 Virtual Tour by Nick Risinger.

Nick Risinger has pieced together over 34 thousand images after travelling 60 thousand miles around the world to form this amazing "virtual tour" of the universe as seen from earths location.

Its a 5 Gigapixel image and the milky way looks amazing.

We love it - check out his website here http://skysurvey.org/ and you can go direct to the panorama by following this link http://media.skysurvey.org/interactive360/index.html



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